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No More Excuses for Parent & Childhood Obesity!


                As a Personal Trainer for over 14 years I get to hear excuse after excuse about why someone says they cannot lose weight.  Many times we are all confronted with junk food and high fat foods which are very enticing.  It is up to our own Free-Will whether or not we want to give in to these foods and gain weight or stand our ground and lose weight.  It is up to our own Free-Will whether or not we want to be active and play some sort of sport, exercise regularly, or find an outside and active hobby. 

When we stop moving we gain weight.  If we are not getting enough rest and sleep, then we usually have lower immune systems and gain weight and feel irritable and stressed. 

If we feel this way, then how do you think our kids feel when all they do is eat Junk, watch TV, play Video Games, and stay up too late and get-up real early for school.  We hurt our kids just like we hurt ourselves and there are no excuses for this. 

A lady asked me the other day what she should do with one of her sons who is gaining lots of weight.  She followed this up with all he eats is junk and he does not like to play too much or get a lot of exercise.  Contrast this kid to the one’s I am working with presently who are working out with me twice to three times weekly, and also playing basketball and other sports in youth leagues, and have cleaned-up most of their junky eating habits.  They are losing body fat and toning-up. 

I think you see where I am going with this?  Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest are so Important!

If a family exercises regularly, eats healthy, and gets plenty of rest, then they will have less Obesity, less Illnesses, less Stresses, less Behavioral Problems, and more healthy and good times together. 

Our kids respond to laziness, bad foods, and lack of sleep just like we do.  When we gain weight, have Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Weak Bones, High Stress, and Fatigue, well then our kids will have the same if they follow in our footsteps. 

Healthy Tips for Parents & Kids:

-          Eat Fruits and Vegetables more and Candy and Junk Food Less!

-          Eat Lean Proteins like Chicken, Turkey, and Fish more and Greasy and Fried Foods Less!

-          Drink more Water and Less Sodas!

-          Each Day Eat 5-6 Mini-Meals and Snacks instead of only 1 or 2 Big meals!

-          Play a Sport or Sports!

-          Walk with your Family Outside!

-          Ride Bicycles with your Family!

-          Take Nature Hikes with your Family!

-          Play more Outside and Less Inside!

-          Cut back on Video Games and Get Outside!

-          Cut Out or Cut Back on High Sugar Candy!

-          Eat Healthy Cereals!

-          Try an Apple with Peanut Butter (if you are not Allergic) or Yogurt instead of a Bag of Chips!

-          Get 8 Hours of Sleep at Night!

-          Take Naps When You Can!

-          Communicate with Your Family!

-          Stay Positive!



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