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From Fitness Professional and Health Writer Dave Gluhareff:
Stay Active & Eat Healthy in a Cold February!

    Kids and parents February is a cold month for sure but we can still stay active and eat healthy!  February usually has some cold temperatures combined with cold winds, which makes getting outdoors a bit tougher.  Yet we all can bundle up in layers to brave the colder temps and still enjoy being outdoors.  Being indoors too much leads us to get lazy and sit around watching TV and playing video games.  Once we make the decision and get outdoors and enjoy fresh air and sunshine we instantly get more energy and feel better!  Getting outside lifts our moods and makes us more positive too!  In Danville and Pittsylvania County we all have many public parks, school tracks, tennis courts, and city/county trails to walk, play and bike on.  I love taking my boys to the various parks and tracks to walk, play soccer, shoot basketball, throw football, and play tennis.  We also love going to Anglers Park/Anglers Ridge mountain bike trails where we hike, run, bike, and the boys love to explore the woods and creeks…sometimes rolling their pant legs up, taking their shoes and socks off, walking and wading through the little creeks playing and laughing.  
    We can also choose indoor options such as the YMCA, Perfect Body Fitness Center, and city Rec Centers to play sports in their gymnasiums.  My clients, sons, and I train indoors at my facility with resistance training equipment and as much as weather permits we also go outdoors to mix up our workouts and enjoy the fresh air.  With Cold and Flu season near its peak it’s also a good idea to not stay indoors so much but be outdoors (dressed warm) building our immune systems.  Fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and having fun will help us all to stay healthy and strong!
    Eat Healthy!  We always have to make sure we still choose healthy foods like lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, pork, beans, nuts, etc), vegetables, complex carbohydrates (oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads, sweet potatoes, etc), fruits, low fat dairy, and drink plenty of water (*Avoid any foods you are allergic to).  
    Have fun this February staying active, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest!    

From Fitness Professional and Health Writer Suzanne Stowe:

History and Hearts

         February is a busy month for remembering important people in our lives and significant events.  It is also known as the month of love.  
        We celebrate the birthdays of two important former United States Presidents, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We also remember African Americans who made significant contributions to the history and advancement of our country.  We also place a special focus on February 14th as a day to celebrate the love we feel for someone close.
       When I was in elementary school I enjoyed picking out just the right Valentine for each of my classmates and I would even deliver cards to my neighbors.  I did not want anyone to be left out.
          Take advantage of the opportunity this month to enjoy showing someone that you care.  And when the month is over, keep it going.  It is always a good time of the year to show some love to those around us.  

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