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Let Him Eat He’s a Growing Boy!?
By Fitness Trainer, Writer, & Speaker Dave Gluhareff
                Many of you (Parents & Kids) reading this know my weight loss story, but if you do not then let me give you a quick summary.  I was born 10 pounds 4 ounces and started out as a big boy.  I struggled with my weight since I was born being chubby then getting more overweight to obese every time a growth spurt stopped.  Seemed like every time I stopped getting taller for a while then I got wider and what society called “FAT”.  I still do NOT like the word “Fat”.  It was all throughout my childhood and teenage years that I struggled.  I became very overweight then Obese as I stopped getting any taller at about 16 years old.  By 16 I was already nearly 6 feet 2 inches tall.  I then just kept growing but wider and thicker and fatter until I became an Obese teenager at 305 pounds or maybe more.  I got my life on track with the kick start of my Mom at age 16 ½ years old and for the next 1 ½ years I lost over 100 pounds!  My life sure did change for the better and I built more self confidence, self esteem, and just felt better about myself.  Finally I wasn’t ashamed of being Obese.
                I look back at those younger years and remember some real problems with my Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest…I had no plan.  I was active playing sports but mostly not eating all day until the evenings then eating enormous amounts of un-healthy snacks and dinner ending the evening going to bed on that un-healthy food and overeating.  I had no real exercise plan, I was going all day skipping important meals/snacks so my metabolism was slow and I wasn’t going to bed until late and not even on a regular schedule.  I was a good kid but my lifestyle was un-healthy.
                Many times I can remember elderly friends of my parents serving me more and more food at meals and saying “Oh Let Him Eat He’s Just a Growing Boy”…well honestly the only growing I was really doing was growing thicker and wider.  I was becoming “Fat” in the eyes of society.  I was not practicing moderation and I was eating way too much and in enormous amounts.  Usually this would be un-healthy food too like one time an elderly lady friend of my Mom’s kept serving me hot dogs while Mom and I visited with her in Raleigh as a kid.  She gave me 5 hot dogs! Delicious yes, but not smart or healthy.  Eating so much at one sitting, and mostly late evenings, I was expanding my stomach and slowing my metabolism.
                Kids and Parents reading this, please practice moderation when eating each day.  Eat the 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) with 2-3 little snacks each day (Mid Morning, Late Afternoon, & optional Late Evening).  Choose from healthy foods such as lean meats, quality complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, water, un-sweet tea, low fat dairy, etc.  Please do NOT eat until full, only satisfied.  Do NOT stuff yourself at every meal or snack; just eat until you feel comfortable.  
Kids are growing yes, but we want kids to grow up, not out.  We want to give kids proper nutrition and eat good amounts of quality foods not a lot of junk foods. Please do NOT skip meals because this slows the metabolism and makes us hold-on to more body fat.  My Free nutrition plan for Parents & Kids is at click on Nutrition then Nutrition Plan!
Fun Fall Ideas!
By Personal Fitness Trainer and Writer Suzanne Stowe
There are only weeks to go and you will be half way through the school year. Leaves are changing from green to red and orange. The days are getting shorter and the mornings are colder.  
It may take a little extra effort to get going each day but look for the positive.
The shorter days mean more evenings inside with your family. Plan to watch a favorite movie or sporting event together rather than going out.  Make S’mores around a fire outside and talk about your day.
November also brings Thanksgiving where you can look forward to a holiday meal with family. Whether you come from a small family of two or three or are part of a large group of relatives, you can do your part to make it special. Ask how you can help in the kitchen or if you have younger family members, keep them entertained. My girls loved to play dress up with old costumes while the boys played football in the yard. Don’t forget the pumpkin seeds. Once they are dried, they can be roasted with a little olive oil and sea salt.
The semester isn’t quite done. And there are still a few football ball games to be played. So bring your blankets and let’s see this season through to the end. You are almost there!







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