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Get Outdoors the Fall Season is here!
By Fitness Trainer Dave Gluhareff


It’s the beautiful Fall season again in Southside Virginia!  This is probably my favorite time of the year because of the leaves changing colors, cooler weather, smell of leaf piles burning, outdoor fireplaces, cookouts, and bunches of outdoor activities to be had!  The absolute best part is that temperatures are gorgeous here and allergies are low unlike Spring!  I love wearing long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and setting up an outdoor fire pit for my boys and I to makes some Smores!
Fall sports and activities are great like hiking, camping, soccer, football, basketball, biking, and tons more!  My activity goal as a Dad is to always have my sons outside as much as possible. If the weather permits I lead them outdoors instead of staying inside watching TV, surfing the Internet, or playing video games.  I feel it’s absolutely important to the body, mind, and heart to stay active outdoors playing in Mother Nature’s playground!  Here in Danville we have a huge amount of public parks and recreation space plus ball fields to utilize like Ballou Park, Coates Rec Center, Anglers Park, Mountain Bike Trails, Bonner Middle School Trail/fields, The River Walk Trail system, Dan Daniels soccer and ball fields, Langston School track/field, GW High School tennis courts and track/fields, The Dan River for Canoeing & Kayaking, and a whole bunch more!
Danville Cardiologist Dr. Kevin Lingle (Heart Doctor and a Client/Friend of Dave Gluhareff) has a few healthy tips & a quote for Parents:
1)      Like adults, kids need at least 30 min of vigorous cardiovascular activity most days of the week!
2)      Health starts early so Parents please do not let your kids eat what you wouldn’t!
3)      If your kids are into video games make a point that for every minute they are in front of the screen they must spend the same amount of time playing outdoors!
·         As Dave Ramsey says “More is Caught than Taught” when it comes to parenting!


Give it all you’ve got!
By Suzanne Stowe (Fitness Trainer and Mother of 6 kids):


You have taken home your first report card of the year, Friday night football games have become a favorite meeting place, and afterschool practices are in full swing.  How is it going so far?  
You may be sailing through your homework and tests, or maybe there are a few classes where you need a little extra help.  There is still time to improve your study habits or get a head start on upcoming assignments. Here are a few suggestions for getting on track:
- Make flashcards for tests and quizzes and keep them handy in the car!
- Complete homework before watching TV!
- Take breaks when studying to go out for fresh air and exercise!
- Get plenty of sleep!
- Start your day with something healthy to eat!
There are still projects, field trips, and lots more fun on the schedule. You are off to a good start.  Keep up the good work, stay positive, and give it all you have got!







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