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From Fitness Professional and Health Writer Dave Gluhareff:
 Exercise Your Brain & Body!

   I hope you all had an awesome Summer! Many of your days, you guys got to sleep-in, chill-out, play, attend camps, vacations, beaches, lakes, pools, water parks, theme parks, and more fun! Hopefully most of you were able to rest!
My boys had many different fun and exciting things happen over their Summer break and had a very loose schedule most days. I personally have a hard time when school starts back because I miss having my boys with me at my workout facility and playing sports and laughing all day with them. Dylan and Matthew are ready to get back to school, even though they had a great Summer, they are ready to see their classmates and staff again at Sacred Heart School. Dylan is in 5th grade and Matthew is in Kindergarten this year.
I think one of the main things kids like about school is the structure. Most students will not readily admit it but kids and teens like to have their routines back just like adults. Adults are more efficient and more productive when we have school and work structure in-place instead of loose and free vacation time. We like having structure even if we do not admit it either. Sure a Summer full of chillin, camps, day programs, vacation bible schools, swimming, parks, sleeping-in, staying up late, and no homework is fun, but we, deep down inside, like to get back into our routines and daily structure of school schedules. School also strengthens our brains so really education and daily learning is Exercise for our Brains! Structured daily learning environments like school, exercises our minds and helps us to get smarter and have stronger brains to think faster, more efficient, and clear.
Educational learning from school is like practice at sports- where we get better at our sport the more we practice and grow. The more we learn and practice with our brains at school the stronger we will be using our minds to solve problems, calculations, speak to people, advance to the next grade, better understand science, history, and math. Our brains need to workout too so school exercises our minds!
My clients and athletes who I train for fitness and sports training do better when they have structure in their everyday lives. Having too much free time on our hands often leads to wasting time or boredom so when my student athletes, stay-at-home Moms, and Dads get back into school, or their kids do, then everyone gets back on track with wake-up schedules, exercise schedules, eating schedules, and going to bed schedules.
I have my clients and myself always focus on 3 important goals in fitness: Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. We all can meet those goals better daily when we have our normal schedules back for school or work.
As you get into your daily school routine and your family is getting back into their normal work and daily routine, to fit your school schedule, remember to make time for Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest. You will already have playtime or PE at school scheduled but on top of that please make time away from school to stay fit, active and healthy! Make sure to eat healthy foods every 3 hours to keep your metabolism running high and please avoid junk foods and sodas as much as possible! When you have full and busy days at school and if you are also taking part in organized sports then you should be ready to fall asleep at a normal hour each night and sleep at least 8 hours getting up for school each morning, with plenty of time for a healthy breakfast before leaving home. If you are active each day and choose to eat healthy foods then you should easily be ready for bed at a healthy time each night to allow for at least those 8 hours of sleep. Sleep is so important to our bodies and helps build our immune systems and keeps us from getting tired and grumpy.
Enjoy being back into school, embrace being back into healthy routines, and be excited to exercise your brain daily at school and your body at school and at home with healthy activities, fitness, and sports!
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