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PBS Kids Super Why
SUPER WHY! Episode 102 - Hansel and Gretel       click to read more
September 13th
Red takes one of Peter Piper's peppers without asking and he gets mad. The Super Readers turn to the story of Hansel and Gretel to see what happens when the children sample the witch's gingerbread house without permission. Without sugar-coating the situation, the witch tells her side of the story. The lesson teaches Red�and Hansel and Gretel � to be more considerate.
SUPER WHY! Episode 101 - The Three Little Pigs       click to read more
August 15th
Pig is building towers with blocks and Jill keeps knocking them down. Pig wants her to stop. The Super Readers fly into The Three Little Pigs story to have a discussion with the Big Bad Wolf, who certainly knows a thing or two about knocking things down. When all the huffing and puffing is done, Pig learns an important lesson about friendship.
National Geographic News Bites for Kids
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